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  1. Please complete all of page one (front and back) and all of page three (front and back). While you may not think that the Declaration page refers to you it is required by HUD.

    If you are an American Citizen then you complete Name, relationship, sex, date of birth, social security number and then fill in the Declaration that you are a citizen. If you are not a citizen additional information is required. See the office.

  2. Proof of Social Security numbers is required for all household members residing in your apartment.
  3. Regarding the meal program: you must initial the line that you understand you are required to participate in the meal service.
  4. Regarding Ethnicity and Race: those lines are requested by HUD. Those answers are voluntary.
  5. Be sure that you sign and date the application.

Return completed applications to:

It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to keep his/her application current. Contact should be made at least every six months to maintain your place on the waiting list.

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